welcome to my mind, vol. 2

I always imagine this will go differently. I imagine it more romantic.

I imagine a dark corner of the world where I will

churn out the next masterpieces of the 21st century.


there is sunshine and delivery trucks and humans being humans,

existing in all of their real, live glory;

they are making awkward conversation and drinking coffee;

they are saying nothing at all.


And also everything.



just like always,

I am left uncertain about how to exist in this world,

where everything and nothing matters,

where fires and floods are made,

just like the pyramids and broken glass,

just like love.


4 thoughts on “welcome to my mind, vol. 2

    1. but without darkness there wouldn’t be light either 😉 I just checked up on your blog, I’m so happy to see you’ve kept up with it! How’s your season going so far–anything in the ground yet?

      1. We still have ice in the gardens….so not yet. But we are looking forward to planting veges. Hope things are working out for you…love the poems…very dark and deep

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