With my eyes closed, my hands, my feet, my party dress,

they all bounce quickly from large and small,

images cycling through in bursts, closer in,

then further away.

The only way to right the world is to

open my eyes; as soon as they are closed again,

reality spins and pirouettes away across the back of my eyelids.



So Werner, my love, shall we join this dance of uncertainty?

It was you, after all, who claimed to have discovered what we all already knew, that

nothing in this life is for sure.



My dear Gustave, shall we share this second siren’s song? Let’s

take our four left feet out onto the floor;

let’s undiscover this round world.

Let’s roll it out flat like a canvas and

splash our own reality across its surface.



Under the twinkling lights of this midnight rooftop,

this almost all feels real, though I know the night must end, and soon,

the DJ is checking his watch, and the wine-stained white tablecloths cover

tables abandoned long ago.

I know the night must end, and soon,

I know morning will come and we’ll have to open the box to see

if it’s good or bad news,

but for now I tip my head back and let the stars nestle both large and small

into the dark uncertainty behind my eyes.


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