I only come here because they can’t go alone.


Still, I dress nicely and sit quietly.

If I can manage, I find a seat towards the back where

I can watch them but stay uninvolved.


You are all so nice and friendly, so I try not to say too much.

I don’t want to have to admit the truth,

That I’m not one of you.


I don’t want to have that conversation,

Because you’ll never convince me

And it will just make things awkward.


But it’s been a few months now and

In spite of myself I know all the words to the songs.

I don’t know many of your names but if I’m not careful I will get to know you,

And then what will I do?


I like you all too much to have to tell you

You’re wrong.


2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Really liking your stuff, this one caught my eye.

    Grew up catholic, still w friends/family that I like but… Also have some younger friends who are really into their churches. It amazes me .

    I’m one if AnnaLise BBrown s godmother( the generic version) something of gets is how I clicked thru.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much Ann, I’m really happy you liked it and I appreciate you taking a look at my blog. I’ve been out of touch recently, trying to put together some new poetry to post this week!! –h

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